You May Qualify For a VA Loan if You Are Stationed at  Travis Air Force Base

Air Force active duty service members, veterans, and their spouses stationed at Travis Air Force base are recommended to inquire about one of our unique Veteran’s Affairs (VA) Loans. This mortgage option is generally ideal for anyone who qualifies due to its competitive rates, government backing, and no money down. The terms are usually quite flexible as well. If you think you qualify for a VA loan, do yourself a favor and fill out your Prequalification Form below, or click here to find out more about this specialized loan option.

Information about Travis Air Force Base:

  • Under the operational control of the Air Mobility Command located three miles east of the central business district of Fairfield, in Solano County, California.
  • Largest employer in the city and Solano County as well, and the massive Travis workforce has a local economic impact of more than $1 billion annually.
  • The base is also host to David Grant USAF Medical Center, a 265-bed, $200 million Air Force teaching hospital, which serves both in-service and retired military personnel.