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Being an Air Force veteran or active duty service member could definitely qualify you for the benefits of a Veterans Affairs (VA) loan and its many benefits. If you currently serve or were honorably discharged from the United States Air Force, then it is highly recommended you inquire about applying for a loan from United Direct Lending.  Refinancing your home or buying a new home has never been more possible through a VA loan. The rates are extremely competitive, no money down required, and there is no private mortgage insurance, either. In addition, if you are the spouse of a deceased Air Force veteran lost in service to the United States, you are also entitled to the numerous advantages of a VA loan. This is a loan backed by the government and the terms are extremely flexible. Be sure to take advantage now, as our loans can be used in situations where normal loans will not work. We extend this offer to active and veteran Air Force service members in California, Texas, Florida, and New Jersey.

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United Direct Lending is totally devoted to making sure our US Air Force clients are taken care of effectively and with as little difficulty as possible. We make the loan process easy and you can be sure we offer:

  • Speedy Approvals
  • Unmatched Rates
  • A Team of Expert Loan Officers
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Very Little Hassle
  • Quick Closings

We consistently find solutions to unique problems that other companies do not, that’s why our clients recommend UDL and make sure they come back in the future. Our fully licensed team of experts is on call 7 days a week to ensure all of your questions and inquiries regarding your VA loan are handled. Contact us today to take advantage of our award winning service and top quality communication.

Am I Eligible for A VA Loan?

As an Air Force veteran, active duty service member, or spouse of an Air Force veteran who died in the line of duty, you can apply for a Veterans Affairs (VA) loan. However, not everyone will be approved in these categories. In order to obtain a VA loan, basic requirements must be met by applicants, as provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Eligibility Criteria for VA Loans

Getting the Certificate of Eligibility

VA Loan Income Requirements

Other Eligibility Criteria

What to Expect When Applying for a VA Loan

Advantages of VA Loans

Refinancing With a VA Loan